Public Hunting Land State By State

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Public Hunting Land State By State

This section of our website is where hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts can get information about the public lands, in their state where they enjoy their favorite activities.

I'm sure everyone has seen a sign like this!!

Keep in mind safe actions should be followed at all times in public land, as you know, be aware of the other public land visitors who may be utilizing the same areas for other recreational uses,such as camping, hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

Access to public lands ( In most states) must be through public roads or specified public land entry points.
Crossing private land to access public lands is not permitted unless you first obtain permission from the private landowner.

Today, most large parcels of private farm property are leased to the highest bidder for farming, or the land is developed into a shopping mall apartment complex's etc.
Many hunters watch in horror as the farm land they hunted as a child is transformed into a subdivision. Many hunters are asking the question,

"Where will I hunt now?"

Almost every deer hunter I know frowns on public land hunting, but with each passing hunting season, many blue collar Americans are left with no other choice. The options are paying high prices for a deer lease or public land hunting. Unfournatly this scenario takes place across America. Don't give up hope. You can tag a giant whitetail on public land or on small parcels of private land that are often overlooked by most hunters, because they are thought to be to small of a area. Obvious deer signs (Trails, tracks, hair on fence's and droppings) located near or around easy access tracts will be heavily hunted. Lots of hunters now a days are in the mindset of if I can't drive my 4 wheeler or truck to it, then its to far. This is where you can capitalize. Deer feel safe in areas that provides the thickest cover, so most hunters will stay away from these areas.
The overwhelming percentage of landowners we lease their private land from are large acreage operations and exist as a business. These landowners give nothing away for free and certainly do not want their busy days punctuated with those that seek free land access. This businessman class landowner seeks to maximize his profits and hunter access will only be by payment.

Not many hunters can pay the money necessary to go on an out of state guided hunt for big deer and other big game species or pay for leased property. For anyone who cannot afford these options is public land. Without public hunting land across the country, many people wouldn't have no places to hunt.

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